The boat was designed and built by the Sailrocket team in the VESTAS R+D facilities in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The build took 16 months.


Design team Malcolm Barnsley, Chris Hornzee-Jones, George Dadd, Paul Larsen, Wang Feng
Build Team Ben Quemenar, Matt Meltzer, Paul Larsen, Helena Darvelid
Metal Work SeaTek engineering, Quayside engineering, Peak engineering
New Foil Build Dan Emuss, Independent Composites Ltd, Bristol, UK



The main structure is made from SP GURIT pre impregnated carbon fibre with a Nomex Honeycomb core. Titanium is used throughout.


The main foil build was supported by EKSPAN and constructed by Composite Craft in Cowes. The foils were cured in Green Marines Autoclaves at their new Hythe facility.


The wing is based around a COMPOTECH carbon spar. The wing skins are a polyester heat shrink film supplied by HIFI Films.  The rigging makes a lot of use of MARLOW SK90 dyneema, SPINLOCK clutches and HARKEN pulleys and hardware.


VSR2 has a COSWORTH data logging system measuring everything from wind speed to structural loads. Record runs will be timed using sophisticated TRIMBLE GPS systems accurate to mere centimetres.

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