Power without overturning

Our boats are based around a concept where there are no overturning forces. The opposing forces of wind and water are in alignment. It’s like someone trying to push you over by pushing at the soles of your shoes. They could push you sideways, but not over. This allows us to handle a lot more power without tipping over like 99% of other sailing craft.


VSR2 Force alignment


We are able to generate a huge amount of power by using the speed of the boat itself to make more wind. We start off stationary with a nice stiff wind at 90 degrees to our course and as we accelerate, we start adding the wind generated by the boat speed to that natural ‘true’ wind. To the boat, the wind feels like it is not only moving forward of 90 degrees but is also increasing in speed. When the boat is travelling at 50 knots, we will have turned a 20 knot breeze into a 50 knot gale. This is what the wing-sail feels. The faster it goes, the more power it gets... and the faster it goes. The only way for it to escape is to go faster until all the drag equals all the power.

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