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Video...50 knot + ride down Speed spot

 Following on from yesterdays run, here's the video as promised. Light winds today and for the next few days. Heaps of little jobs getting ticked off. We have the whole team working on the 'brick wall' of drag we seem to keep coming up against. We'll get there... and when we do... we'll probably keep going!


Cheers, Paul


Australian record and new PB for 500m... but...

 So I should be happier about setting a new PB over 500 meters of 50.98 knots. The peak speed was around 53 knots (1 GPS was over, the other under). The run started perfectly and felt super steady. Having an average so close to the peak shows this. VESTAS Sailrocket 2 felt great, the leeward pod was flying and the ride was smooth. Conditions were fantastic with winds between 25 and 29 knots.


Too little... Too much. Walvis goes Industrial strength. (Video)

 When we woke this morning it was obvious that Walvis was going to live up to its forecast. The sky was clear and the wind was already blowing from the SW early in the morning. Usually there is no wind that early and if there is any, it's from the North.


No joy today with patchy wind...

 We turned up at Speed spot expecting big things. I was feeling kind of nervous about the prospect of seeing VSR2 reveal her real potential. One of the things that makes you nervous is that she might also reveal other not so desirable aspects of which you are presently unaware.

Speed-spot looked great and we moved swiftly to the top of the course to get the wing up.

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