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Leaps and Bounds...

 We have looked at all the footage and had a good... but not yet overly detailed look at all the data we logged. I have also spoken to both Malcolm and Chris about yesterdays run, what it meant and what it shows us. We all agree that the back of VESTAS Sailrocket 2 was riding way too low. The rear float was often in contact with the water wheras it should be about 20-30 cm high. This means we had around double the amount of main foil in the water than we should have... and a lot of that isn't really dedicated to high speed sailing. I'm always happy to see big issues like that.


Straight into it. Over 50 on second run!

 It was a perfect day over on speed-spot today. The wind was 21-25 knots, the sun was shining and the tide was high. All the little sand-piper birds were sheltering behind the little sand-dune tussocks. They were bunched up there in little 'crowds' and after watching the recent Olympic sailing from 'The Nothe' bank in Weymouth, I kidded myself that they were standing on the grand-stand waiting to watch VSR2 do her thing. Let's face it, this is as close as you'll get to a crowd out here! We went straight into getting set up for a run and in general everything went smoothly.


The week ahead shapes up...

 Firstly... we all very much enjoyed watching Felix do his thing yesterday. The team was glued to the screen. For me the highlight was watching old Joe's face light up at the instant that Felix stepped off. In that instant he was 50 years younger and stepping off himself. I can't wait to see all the other footage from the cameras that weren't live. What a fantastic stunt. Congratulations to all the team and to Red Bull for backing it.




Prioritising job list for sailing today...

 We didn't manage to get out yesterday.


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