Outright world record video... here it is...

 Ok, the hangover is over and the laptops are smoking in the container. I'll write the full update soon. I've been overwhelmed by all the people writing in and obviously enjoying this as much as we are.

So it's time to take you all on that magic ride down the new 'holy water' of the speed sailing world. Here's the short and sharp of the magic happening...(you can imagine how nice it is to type these words in each time)...


There is no music on this so hopefully it will work on mobile devices.

Cheers, Paul



world record

Many many congratulations... you look awesome on the video..
Nic Knowland


Paul, you made it. I am talking to Malcolm here. It is amazing what all of you have achieved. Thank you for the videos and the emotions you gave to us.
Keep going.

Well done

Alex Cannas

I've been following you guys

I've been following you guys for around 5 years now and watching that video and when you realised your dream had in fact come true watching that got a lump in my throat.

Tom (Cosworth)

Not much to add

but will still post my congratulations too.

There was never any doubt, that the concept was right, and finally the last key to unlocking the full potential was revealed.

You did not break the records - you SMASHED them completely.

The only contender in long future for raising the bar will be yourself.

happy hangovers ;o)

Regards Flemming

Well Done!

Hi Paul

Well done - your perseverance has paid off.

PS You haven’t forgotten that you are coming to speak to us December 10th have you? Will you be back in the UK by then? Will you even have come back down to earth by then!!!

Cheers … Kevin Slater


From Bex Russell & family, Walvis Bay

So many congratulations team Vesta! Chuffed to bits for for you all and great to see you all on cloud nine after you smashed the record....felt quite emotional watching it! We were lucky enough to see you depart from WBYC this afternoon with the sailrocket being towed gracefully to the 'Holy water' speed strip, with my kids shouting 'they're the record breakers.' My 8 year old son even said 'I'm going to beat that speed record when I grow up!'......you've inspired a new generation!


From Bex Russell & family, Walvis Bay

So many congratulations! Just the best news and it's great to see you....the Vesta team, on film, on cloud nine after breaking the speed record! Felt quite emotional watching it. So well deserved, all your hard work has paid off. Great to hear you celebrated in style on Friday! Myself and the kids (they're now big fans)even saw you leave the WBYC this afternoon for another record breaker....go sailrocket go!

Record Run - Request

Paul, In a lot of ways, this video of the record run is the best yet...never mind the record. Your running stream-of-thought as you get Sailrocket underway is great stuff. Really puts me "there" in the cockpit. Excellent.

Is it correct to presume that the shakeyness in your voice at speed is attributed to the front float chattering across the chop at high-speed, rather than trepidation?

So my wish-list request - if you feel such can be publicly shared - would be 1) Detailed description of the high-speed runs, sensations, accelerations, etc.; 2)High resolution frames of the run data showing various data profiles for speed, wind, foil strain, etc. 3) The picture from the video still frame of the Pol Roger resting on the foil next to your world speed record smile. That photo about says it all.

Congratulations again on the outright. Still reeling at your accomplishment. Outstanding.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! According to the message when I logged in I have been waiting 4 years and 6 weeks to say this!
Just watched the video with my 20 month old daughter and she had 3 things to say, BOAT... AIRPLANE... and WOOOOSH!!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Enjoy it!
I can't wait to see where you find the limits of this design!

Brilliant! Well done to all


Well done to all the team - Mike (Malcolm's brother) is a neigbour of mine and has been updating me with your progress over the years and it's just great that you've done it.


John Bound

A very big congratulation from us all :-)

When i was sitting in a lousy airport friday evening, i read the terrific news that the Vestas Sailrocket 2 have conquered the outright world record in speed sailing....just some minutes after your original post about this great achievement. Suddenly the airport was not that lousy, seems more bright and cozy after reading the great news.. :-)
Frankly i actually bought a glass of nice wine and some good food to celebrate YOUR new title.....fastest sailboat in the world :-)
And some people around was wondering why i was sitting there making cheers to my computer. I told them and they joined the party :-)
Once again, congratulations ! You guys deserved it :-)


my email....



It's all on the screen

Nicholas Pike

Ok - that was fast!!!

Great job team VESTAS! - your effort here has great power to educate through science and raw patience to power the planet through solar energy...Paul, you've "rounding up" to a new heading to promote the advancement of circular economy!
- David

"If every thing seems under control..."

With even more exciting days ahead, take note of
Mario Andretti's advice: "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."

You folks are bloody BRILLIANT!

Paul's commentary is priceless! Better than ANY other soundtrack.

Thank you for this scintillating ride and good hunting, God Speed!

Jim L.


That is one seriously beautiful video guys.

Still smiling?

Yes indeed, that was FAST!

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