Super sonic.... Smashed it!!!

 The title says it all. It's just soaking in now... with the Champagne.

Calling friends, team members... all are family tonight.

I'm sitting here with great French champagne all around and smiling people. VESTAS Sailrocket 2 sits outside on the lawn shivering lightly in the decreasing breeze. She has the noble composure of a race winning horse that struts around wondering what all the fuss is about.

We are downloading the TRIMBLE data now. The great thing is that the GPS we use out there is set for a 18 second average... but at 59 knots we might not need that long. It said we did a 59.01 knot average... The TRIMBLE should be higher. I will let you know here when I know.

I think I'll drink some more Pol Roger... and wait.

Christ... I'm buzzing and I know it is just going to get better. I will have this for life now. 

There it is 59.23 knot average fresh off the TRIMBLE. 62.53 peak.

Records subject to WSSRC ratification.

I'm signing out.

I have too many people to thank I don't know where to start.

I have to call mum and dad.

The happiest days!

Still more to come.



Congratulations amazing and fantastic

Congratulations to all of you - amazing. Paul you did the talk for us at the RYA Dinghy show in 2010 and Sail Rocket 1 graced the Palm court and got everyone talking. We have watched ever since.

Brilliant well done.


MindWorks Marketing


Fantastic! Congratulations. It it great to hear about you achieving a dream and long term goal like this.

Rocket stuff

What an awesome result. I have watched your two boats and efforts over the years and I have always thought you could do it with this rig. Congratulations to you Paul and your team. Mark

Whaoo !!

Wonderful !
Congratulations !
You've reached ceilings one after another, patiently and it paid back !
Now let's kick an above 60 knots record !




Wow, Paul that is so well done! I met you during the Walvis Bay speed week. You guys helped me put a couple of battens back together. After seeing what you are doing and the lecture you gave one Wednesday evening, I believe you have only started to go fast. This is really only the beginning!




Been watching you for years and now...

ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!!! Can't wait to see the video....

Epic. !!!!!!

Congratulations to every single member of the team.'s a well deserved result. I've been reading the updates regularly and knew you would get there. It's fantastic that you have smashed the record and hope there is still more to come from that fine machine! Heartfelt congratulations from all the team at Hydromar

You REALLY deserves this!

Bloody fantastic. There is still more in this boat and even more within the concept. I cannot put my feelings into words so will not try, we'll done.
Jon Howes


I´ve being following your progress step by step during the last 8 years!
From Brazil our congratulations!
Outstanding results!!! Keep going!!!

Big up to all of you

Well done Paul and all the team ,the redux rocket has finally managed to kick ass as we all believed it could with you at the controls ;p
Take a bow and soak up the congratulations you all deserve.
All the best Ian p :)

Paul - congratulations on an

Paul - congratulations on an absolutely brilliant achievement. Do you realise that Australians again hold the world power and sailing waterspeed records! Ken Warby's power record still stands. Soak up the champers. You and the team deserve it. Rob Mundle

Simply Awesome

You guys are completely amazing and the boat is simply fantastic. This is a very well deserved record. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


simply awesome and so well deserved after all the hard work!

Terrific job guys!!!

Come on Paul be honest, how many Sailrockets did you drink last night?! How is the hangover this morning?!

My sincere congratulations to you and all the team! Anyone who's been anywhere near this project knows how hard you guys have worked and how much you have sacrificed to get to where you are!

You guys are some of the most inspiring people I know! You deserve all of it and then some!

So hope you take the time to celebrate... but to be honest I also hope you get back on board this boat quickly to take it even further!!! Am sure nobody wants it to end...

Awesome work!


KaBoom to the Moon!!!

Awesome job! More power to you captain!


Congratulations Paul and all the sailrocket team on your new world speed record!

60 knots next!

May you walk on water - Aloha Erik Beale

A Safety Thought

Hey Paul,

Congratulations again on your outright world sailing speed record. It's an accomplishment that defies words....especially given the elegant and overwhelming way you have established the new bench mark.

I imagine that having now safely secured your place in sailing history, you'll be game to push the envelope yet further. It's along that line that I raise the following thought. If I recall, you have a 5-point harness to keep you belted into the cockpit. My concern has to do with a worst- case VSR1-type flip at high speed that leaves you upside down and unable to exit the harness. Do you have an emergency air/O2 supply readily accessable in the cockpit to assist in such a circumstance? As both a glider pilot and white-water kayaking enthusiast, I am well familiar with the value of an emergency "bailout bottle" that can provide approx 3 minutes of O2 for high altitude glider bail-outs. Luckily, I've never needed one, but nice to have the insurance, and it's relatively cheap.

All the best in luck and safety going forward!

Tim, Vermont

Good Stuff!

I've been following since VSR-1, SO happy all your hard work has paid off! I see a 60+ knot average in your near future...

rock(et) solid

Congratulations to all the team ! The concept is rock solid,we knew that for some decades now,it was just a matter of time, development, perseverance and patience. And you've showed all of that, congtaulations !
And the story doesn't stop here, 60 knots is in sight and 70 knots is possible too.
And what if sailrocket was the size of hydroptere ?

A new field in sailing is created and it will only grow.

Following (and participating) all the way.

Cheers !



Congratulations Paul, Helena & Team. We never doubted you would do it. All our best wishes & love Pete, Penny, Pip, Oli, Rob & Tash xxxxxxxxx

No words are enough!!

Congrats/Henrik D


Only 59.23 kts, well done, but just keep it going and take it over 60!
Richard Ben[replacement for Kim]



following your team a long time now,
and I am happy all the hard work finally paid off...

now over the 60 knot average barrier...

Astounding achievement Paul.

Astounding achievement Paul. Your determination to achieve your goal in the face of adversity is a lesson for us all. Follow that dream and it will come true.....


What Fantastic News

Hi Malcolm, Paul, Helena and Team.
It seems like an eternity since Malc brought his model into the office on IoW, but even then one could tell how much he believed in this project and his belief was infectious. Long days and nights at Merlin Quay on a shoe string budget produced VSR1 and I still have the photos of the launch with bacon butties all round.

I have continued to follow you since leaving the company and always look forward to the emails from the blog but this latest one is the very best ever. Well done to all of you for continuing to chase the dream and for getting there. It takes a special group to continue through the challenges and adverstities that you have faced and to remain as prositive and determined as you have done. Your reward has been very well earned and I hope you get the recognition you deserve and the assistance you need to go even further.
Best regards
Ray Hanson

The columbine Shed legacy continues

Another chapter in the history of nautical achievement from East Cowes is written. Congratulations to all of you involved in VSR2 and especially to you Paul and Helena for having the dream and tenacity to make it happen. From all at East Cowes Sailing Club

BRILLIANT! Well done


Well done indeed


Nice Work

Well done Paul and team!
Congrats from all at Sailcare in Cowes

Hey Rocket Man

Has it sunk in yet? Pat and Kate add their congratulations to all the team. Does Helena get to have a go now?

SPEEDY GONZALEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge congratulations Paul and the team. What a concept - what a speed! We've been following every step of the way. As Michelle posted last night - guess you'll be heading round the back to cook the barbie and share the rum around eh?!!
Hope the headaches not too hard this morning.
Cheers from Rory & Michelle.


After so much hard work, persistence, tears and outright balls you have all truly earnt this! I've been banging on about this for years at work... I can't wait to proudly tell everyone that you've done it! I can't imagine how proud you must be!
Enjoy the hangover... Then do what we know you are going to do and take the level up further!


Life in the fast lane

Well done to all the team including the backroom guys and girls. Pass on my regards to Malcolm and George.
I showed photos of your model and earlier runs in a talk to IMarEst and RINA at Plymouth Uni last week so how good of you to follow it up with the record.
Best Wishes
Ian Campbell
Wolfson Unit MTIA

Thank you all for sharing your dream & Well

YOU BEUTIES ! There just arent the words ....

You bloody beauty!

Congratulations on a great achievement, Paul, by you and the team.

Amazing effort and can't wait till you beat your own record. I have a feeling that won't be too far away.

Cheers from Oz.



Paul and the rest of the Sail Rocket Team and family.


An awesome achievement and reward for all of the time and effort put in. Walvis delivers again!

Enjoy the moment and the champagne!

Rob Munro
WSSRC Kite Nautical Miler Holder

Fabulous Job

Well done Paul !
Well done Malc - it is a long time since we sailed your model boats on Southampton Commons pond. What a vision you had even then !
Fabulous Job !

Get in there!

I cannot tell you how glad I am for you all. Just pissed that I wasn't there to see it happen. From the moment I met you in Walvis it was clear how much this project has been you're life. Don't stop though. Raise the bar higher?

Way to go guys!

Morgan & Fran.

Congratulations Larso, I knew

Congratulations Larso, I knew you could do it...

Superb job Paul and VSR Team

You've demonstrated what Bernard Smith said could be done (well ok you overshot his goal a bit, lol) and you pioneered new turf; Very Well Done!! You've also showed the world a glimpse of what I've long believed to be the future of sailing.

Thanks to you and the whole TEAM for a new era in sailing.

Bob Imhoff


Well done to the whole team, so stoked that you achieved your goal after all the hard work. looking forward to see what else VS@ can do...Marcus - Phuket Thailand.

We knew you could do it!

To Paul and the Vesta's SailRocket Team,

We posted your attempt this morning telling our XS readers to follow you on your twitter feed because after your last performance we thought this was going to be it...

We are no strangers to foilers (helped develop sails for the Hobie/Ketterman Trifoiler and we were doing 40 knots in 1995) it was no surprise to us that you were on the right path.

When we saw on your website the green light was on with over 20 knots of wind we told readers to watch possibly watch history being made...and you made it!

So congratulations on you and your team's tenacity and 'never give up' spirit. What you achieved on your budget and hard work is amazing. Here's cheering you on to 65 knots and beyond!!!

Fast Sailing,
From the crew at


Paul and all the team,

well doe to all. I have been following you now for 3 years waiting for this day knowing it would come. have a well deserved drink!

cheers pete b

Bravo !

Congrats ! A very well deserved rewards for so many years of passion & commitment ! Beautifull . & thks for pushing the game . Manu Taub . Kiter

Well Done Paul, great effort

Well Done Paul, great effort and well deserved! Have been following from afar from day one and understand the challenges you have overcome to reach your goal.
I worked with your buddy Mr Jenkins and am full of admiration for anyone who sets the bar high and doesn't stop until the bar is cleared.
Whats next? Maybe you guys should team up!!
Damon Smith


Been a long time com'n but you did it, but don't stop here, I fully expect you to see the record at 65 knots!

-- Wink

Well Done Larso

Larso,good on ya mate,just heard the news -fastest colt on the planet eh ! persistance,determiantion - you can do anything when you put your mind to it !I'll see if we can find a bottle of rum tonight for you [I'm sur eBoller will find one].Great news you & your team must be stoked.
Again hearty congradualtions from all of us here EAC - China .

Paul Scholten [Schultzy]

record breaker

Well done!!!!! Will now go to photos of launch at Columbine East Cowes to add 'Record Breaker'.
To think she first kissed the sea here on the Isle of Wight!

Magic. Scotland salutes you.

Magic. Scotland salutes you. Iain and Gordon who met you last year. Live the dream.


hello paul & co,

congrats from belgium too!
not that it will mean very much to you personally ('cause we've never met),
but I followed sailrocket's explotes since the early beginnings of sailrocket one and I always felt you would succeed one of these days.
fantastic result, -and now head for the 70 knots bottle?

jan luyten aka
f. maesstraat 35, 2550 belgium

Absolutely fantastic!

Well done Paul and the team.
Been following everything and so proud of your achievement.
Enjoy it, you all deserve a special bottle of bubbly.

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