Heading out into a punchy wind...

 This is the best looking day we have had so far in this record attempt. The forecast has been good for a while and finally it has arrived. The day started in a promising way but then it just hung around for a bit. Everyone was in cruisy 'stand-by' mode. I went and did what I usually do when I want time to think, watch the wind build and generally chill out... I weeded the lawn. I wonder why I do it myself. I just find it calming and perfect for 'thinking'. I've never done any gardening in my life so odd time to start.

So it's blowing outside and we are all booted and suited. Let's see if we have the right pieces to assemble this puzzle... or are about to face-plant the glass ceiling again!

Helena will be sending tweets from the course.

I'm not getting on the emotional roller-coaster today. I'm just going to flat-line. What happens happens.

Cheers, Paul


Congrats on big run!

It's been great following your efforts even better seeing that speed finally being unleashed. Fastest boat in history, soon that orange needle of yours will be the fastest craft too i'm sure!
/Kenneth Hernemalm,

On the Table

Paul -

I'll put my money on one sure bet: whatever conditions Walvis Bay throws at you over the record attempt, you and Team Vestas will have put everything on the table by the time you are finished. Meanwhile, here's hoping that luck breaks your way. All the best in safety and accomplishments.

Tim, Vermont

You can do It Rocket man!

Good luck Paul.... waiting to hear the good news.
Break the Ferkin sound barrier!

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