Great Friday!

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 in the house with a
50 knot+ run

We just got back in from a great session and I’m happy to say that VESTAS Sailrocket 2 is now in the 50 knot club. We did three runs culminating a great final sprint where she just surged over the 50 knot mark recoding a peak of 50.53 knots. On the previous run she hit over 46 knots.

Overall it has been a pretty stunning progression for the new ventilated foil. In successive runs she has gone from 27 knots to 36.7, 42.7, 46.3 and now 50.5 knots. The great thing is that she isn’t even getting close to any limit. Hydrodynamically 50 knots is the same as 60 is the same as 70. The only limit is structural. On the test bench we have taken her to a load equalling 65 knots with a 1 G turn and a respectable safety margin. It won’t be the foil that fails.

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 behaved impeccably on the course. I knew it was in the 50 knot region although she felt a lot different from VSR1. No spray for starters. I wear a full face helmet but no visor or sun glasses. It’s a nice dry ride up there. The acceleration comes hard but also drops off pretty quick. It feels like I am pulling along a good chunk of drag. One of the coolest things about these ventilated foils is the noise... sort of a hollow, haunted ‘yowl’ that you would make by sucking in through an ‘o’ shaped mouth. You hear the noise as a gas turbine starts up before the fuel ignites. Whatever... it’s a cool sound. I don’t have to do much steering. The mainsheet was too undergeared and I couldn’t sheet in over 45 knots now that I am reclined in the low profile seating. I’ll have to add another purchase. It will easily add another 5 knots. I was in close to the shore but I could still feel the chop. The leeward pod had started to ‘float’ in ground effect. Basically it’s all working. Now we have a heap of optimisation to carry out. Some of it will yield free speed.

Of course we are getting increasingly excited to be where we are at. Just ahead of todays performance lie many great ‘scalps’. Today’s 500 meter average put us up with the legendary game changer (And great inspiration to me), Yellow Pages Endeavour. From here I can see Vestas Sailrocket 1, then Maquarrie Innovation, then the mighty Hydroptere. At the rate this boat is progressing, I know the future looks bright. Each one of these days is to be savoured.

Right now i would love to add all the bolt-on speed bits to the boat and give the wing a deluxe skin makeover but that will have to wait as tomorrows forecast is equally good.

The 50 knot bottle of Pol Roger has been drunk and the rest of the team are down the pub. I wrote this blog once but the computer crashed when I tried to upload the pictures... so here it is again. I could complain... in fact I did (actually I’m quite impressed with myself that I still have a computer) but then again, this is a nice topic to be writing about.

So Happy days. From here on in VESTAS Sailrocket 2 will just get prettier and prettier. She’s really earning the respect.

Time to go. Hope I can still get some food.

Cheers, Paul.


Awesome guys!

Just read this from Heathrow airport;) Great job guys! Fantastic news!!! Inspiring as usual! Keep at it, that record can't be far away:) the rewards for all your hard work is coming!!!!

Be safe!

Godspeed VSR2!!!


good to see skill, will and persistance paying off. the big goal is near, keep on going.

will buy some shares to celebrate.



Co pilot and live

Hello Paul.

I was not talking a lot, but I was following your progress and I am very happy to see how your works of all these years works very well.

I have some questions :
- the speed you give us are top speed or 500 m average ?
- I see that you make the last runs with the new planning surface, do you take a co pilot on board (helena) ?
- Alone you break 50 kn speed what would be the jog of your copilot ?
- Do you plan to make a live report like on VSR1 attemps. I was following you during class B record and it was incredibly existing !

Thanks for all you do and best wishes to all the team.


Well I guess we all knew that it was but I'm sure you're relieved that it has been so painless. Congratulations to the whole team for a top job and I'm looking forward to your next entry "VS2 breaks 60 Knot barrier" I know it will come and I have a feeling it won't be too long, hopefully within the next few sails if Huey cooperates.
Regards to All

Awesome news

Larso, after so many years this must now be tasting sweet.. Very exciting and very good news that you can sense more to come..

Excellent news guys!!

Well done guys. Can see the record coming very soon.


Fantastic News, I am so happy to hear that.
Your determination & effort is all paying off. I cant wait to read about more & even higher numbers.
Stay safe & sail fast amigo

The Peruvian Bear

Game Changer

The choices made for the new design are showing through. No other boat has had this combination of good natural stability and no foil cavitation. How many runs did it take for any other contender to push past the mid 40s?

The only known limits are structural, efficiency and wind availability. This round just feels different.

Speaking of efficiency, I hope all the data logging worked so that you can determine how well things are matching up with projections. I am betting that you will grab the record long before you reach the ultimate limit for the boat. Then you will be in new territory, deciding how hard to push just to prove what it will do.

Data loggers fine...

 Hiya Paul. I'm happy to say that all the COSWORTH data loggers worked fine today and we got a heap of good data. We are just adding the filters and basically cleaning it up this morning. So far everything looks great. The rudder loads seem fine which indicates that the wing is well placed in relation to the main foil. It is actually decreasing at speed. The wing was out at 16 degrees so can come in another 6. This in itself should put us in Hydroptere territory.

Cheers, Paul

awesome news

Great news! Keep up the good work.


Well well well......told everyone to buy the shares they just jumped again today just p^%$#d off i missed the champagne........BUT I WILL NOT MISS THE 60 ONE........LOL


Hope you had time to chill the bubbles - better put some more on ice cos at this rate the 60 knot bottle can't be far away.
Looking forward to records tumbling
Cathy and Geoff


So pleased for you all.
All that hard work paying of has gotta feel good.

Be safe and go fast :)

Fantastic 50 kts!!!.

Venting foil looks to be working. Just keep it shiny side up and in one piece as you push the envelope.


50 knot club

Woo-hoo well done everyone.

That pic from earlier with the harness done up round the rib cage fills me with horror - no way would I want anyone to be restrained in that fashion in a crash. F1 drivers are almost laying down with their feet up at the same height as their heads but they make a 6-point harness work properly.

Bon chance for tomorrow, looking forward to it all coming together with a proper crack at the record(s!).

Harness worry...

 Hi Mike, I agree, I wouldn't want this system to hold me in an F1 or any other car but I think it is the best compromise for this boat for a number of reasons. It should be mentioned that the lower edge of the seat is actually quite a big ramp. I am sitting in a scoop and as long as I don't go up, that alone should greatly prevent me from going forward. Also the chest harness allows me to push myself backwards and vertically out of the seat. This may be important if I get stuck upside down as has happened before. Truth is that it is very difficult to know how an accident may unfold. I don't expect the crash to be as violent as in a car hitting a solid object. I hope I'm right.

We will continue to improve this aspect as we learn more.

Cheers, Paul.



Wow! Well done guys

Well done guys

Great Stuff!!!!

Amazing progression! Keep going. I also think that once u reached these kind of speeds; the foil is not realy an issue anymore (at least i hope so:)

Thanks for sharing it again Paul!


Nice work. Fabulous images. What a team.

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