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We'd love to hear what you think of our new boat. Please leave your comments below.
Cheers, Paul.


Put it there

She's a beast and i can see 63kts all over great to have you all back cant wait and its gonna be a ride on the wild side see you soon.

If looks mean anything...

VSR2 is sure to break the outright record. The team has truly produced a spectacular craft. I'm looking forward to the record attempt - good luck and best wishes to y'all.
Austin, Texas

She's a glamour

Paul, Helena

So sorry i missed the launch - everyone said it was fantastic, can't wait for you to take Shirley for a ride for CNN and see all the news from Namibia. Long time since you were all in Soton and the carbon dust journey started - will be watching with interest as you live the dream...

Bernards dream made real

Who would have thought that bernard smiths ideas, scribbles,and foresight,would eventually lead to the building of craft such as vs1 and really is a wonderful testament to his vision and the sailrocket team in making all this just goes to show that if you think about a problem long enough,and work through difficulties,the solutions begin to reveal themselfs,sometimes painfully so.
congratulations to paul and the team on a great looking craft,
the ultimate tip of the hat,to a visionary man.
go get it


Super turnout at the launch tho' 1st time I've seen a tiny wheel in the cockpit (which Paul had to remove to get in) for steering a yacht! Good too to be able to compare new & old. When the crowds thinned out I managed to get both in shot, not easy with a river behind. Shall eagerly await further news.

What I think

Radical comes to mind first, quickly followed by brilliant.
I have to hand it to you, the thought that has gone into the original and then this boat is staggering, you guys are just so far ahead of anyone else that it is a joke. I also have to hand it to Paul for guts, that crash in the old boat was no laughing matter and he was lucky to get out unscathed but there he was straining at the bit to get back out there, good on you.
I hope the new boat achives all that is expected of it straight out of the box but if it doesn't I know you'll hang in there till it does and I for one will be wishing you all the best all the way, you more than deserve the rewards coming your way.

Best Wishes

Ray Warbrick

Sorry I mised the launch!

Did try but in the end just couldn't get away for the launch on Tuesday. The pic's look stunning. Good luck in Walvis. I will be following the blog from you guys over there and it may just be a good time to get back over and have a beer in the Raft with you all again.
Good luck and please keep us all up to speed(!) with developments.

Morgan & Fran.

Nice features

19.x deg angle suggests almost 3:1 ratio of boat vs wind speed.

Respectable winglet with control flap at lee pod!! Cant wait to see it rip.


Its a beast!

Taming this one is gonna be interesting.

What will the natives make of this?

Have you got a new stuffed co-pilot?


design .. speedneedle!

looks very fine to me! It takes sailing to the next generation! good luck!

The future is here

Certainly different approaches to some of the problems VSR1 had. I like the pilot/co-pilot positions, and the use of a more aerodynamic design.

Can't wait to see pics of her on the water.

Great plane

Very happy to finally see what VSR2 looks like.
I have also a lot of technical questions to better appreciate all the inventives detail of her.
But I will try to find the answer alone !

Overall I have a question now :
Who will be the wing pilot ?
because looking back at 60 knot I hope he/she isn't seasick.

Congratulation to all the team.

PS : do you have some picture of VSR1 and 2 together ?

The Future, has arrived..

I offer congratulations; To you, Your team,(crew)The designers, Vestas, and to all those whom have made this possible.
The design is certainly beyond any concept I imagined and it is clear to see, The future has arrived. I have no doubts of a new record and I look forward to your trials.

Again, Congrats...


Great launch party and the boat is awesome.
Good luck for the record.
Will be following all the developments


Congrats Paul, Malcolm and all VSR team - this boat is truly unbelievable!

Will be following every day - best of lucks and go get the 60s for good!

Very best winds!

Jose Dauden, from Brazil

Boats are king again

Great design ! This seems to solve all the existing problems of stability and control. And the lower drag will result in a high speed no doubt. Wind to speed ratio of 1:3 is well possible I believe.
Love the swinging beam too, makes it better to combine optimum wingangle with neutral steering.

Just one question, did the model recover from cavitation before the nose dove in ? Did you put weight in the model at the place of the cockpit to simulate 2 pilots ? Probably the speed of the model was too low to create cavitation but maybe you've tested what happened if you remotely lifted the foil at speed.


We need more photos!


Paul, looks like you have gone and broken all the rules again! Absolutely fantastic looking machine and I can't wait to see her sailing. Sideways FFS.
Fantastic and best of luck to you and the team.



Kinell! It looks like starship enterprise compared with VSR1.
Can't wait to see it in anger.
Will be following the blogs from Walvis, good luck.


VSR2 defies description! Barney Smith used to say that the greatest technological advances were often the result of a few talented people fashioning a dream piece by piece in a shop. Paul and Malcolm, you and your colleagues have done just that with this amazing thing, whatever it is. Barney's 'Doctrine of Inevitable Success' will surely be with you at Walvis Bay, his spirit alive and weightless in the passenger seat. Go fast, brothers. Go far.


Paul, Helena,

Suppose that you are looking forward to be back in Walvis Bay... I may also travel there for business. If confirmed, I may see you there... having a beer in the Raft ! Also looking forward to see the picts of this boat on the foil...

Good luck and best regards
Stephane from Geneva.

sailrocket 2

What an awsome looking boat! the very best of luck to you guys looking forward to a 60kt+ record


Hope you'll be in the news very soon!!!
HernĂ¡n, from Brasil




on the new "Rocket"

Many things catch the eye bey the new design - first I am happy about the new stability design, where VSR1 was born unstable (a small nose lift would escalate into summersaults) VSR2 has a built in regulated system, where loss of grip will cause the stern to lift, whereafter pressure on the beam will force it back down - optimal solution. I see, you have peeking at H'ypdrotere anc chosen a foil for lift - seems the right way to go.

Anyway - I am looking forward to following your new record attempt - like most "real" sailors, I am not too fond og the record being in the hands of kite driven snow boarders ;o)

Regards Flemming

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