Boom... the 60 knot sailboat smashes the barrier!

 Just in... 61 + knot peak speed and a 54. something average. Had to stop as the end was coming up fast.  Everything went into fast forward. I was saying " this is fast, this is fast" and then she took off again... "this is real f*****g fast"!!!

I thought we might have bagged the outright as well... as you would after hitting over 60 knots... but the average wasn't there... I think. We haven't downloaded the big TRIMBLE yet. Everyone is getting the data down now. We broke our own PB twice today... so that's 2 x triple rum and cokes in pint glasses... and of course the 60 knot bottle of champagne also falls. Happy days.

What a great relief.

I know the current world record is toast... hell, they can even raise it a bit if they want.

Life for VESTAS Sailrocket 2 starts at 60 knots. Today she walked on stage. She was beautiful to drive. Totally in control.

I got Helena to come down to the end of the course before I checked the speeds. I wanted her to be there. Unfortunately she had her phone in her drysuit pocket so that was the end of the Tweets.

Righto... lots to do.

The outright record remains to be beaten.

I'll let you all know the actual numbers when I know myself.

Happy days alright.

Nice work team... real nice.

Cheers from one beaming Australian in Namibia.



As I've tell you before: be

As I've tell you before: be patient...
Cheers to all the team.


What an amazing surprise!!! Well Done guys and girl!!!You final get what you truly deserve!!!
60 knots WTF...the foil finaly let you go.
All the Best, I'm sure there is more...

Congrats to the designteam too; sweet science.

congratulations !

Well done guys and girl !
Just on more bottle (I don't think you plan one for 70's)

Thank you for allowing us to be with you and to follow you by tweets.
For next time bought a waterproof phone !

According with forecast, next step tomorrow or on Friday ?

Cheers from France


Paul and the team you are brilliant, alwaya knew you could do it and today you have proved it. What a great job and wonderful example of what believe in your ideas and shear bloody hard can achieve. I am raising a glass to you as I write this.

Reply... Re: Fantastic...

 Cheers Nick... yeah it has been a long time coming since Pete first brought that video in for us to watch late one evening in the build shed. Even then I wouldn't have thought that it would have taken me up and over 60 knots. More to come mate so don't drink it all.

Cheers, Paul.


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR CREW!!! From a long time fan, looking forward to the next version, maybe bi-directional... Cheers

krass, ey !!!!!

krass, ey !!!!!

Absolutely awesome!!!!

Man just happened to see your update during my lunch break and saw the news! Absolutely awesome! I know the outright is not there yet, but well it is just a matter of time! I can imagine a few people going back to the drawing board now! It's gonna take a hurricane for the kitters to beat you!

Congratulations to all the VSR2 team! You guys rock! Yet again an inspiring achievement. We all know how hard you've worked for this! So enjoy the rum tonight! Bloody well deserved!!!!


Rocket she is

Perseverance, brains, and skill; the boat and the team have always been the full package, and now the proof is in. I'm unbelievably thrilled to hear the news - congratulations doesn't really cover it, but I'll say it anyway: Congratulations! Paul is truly the "Rocketman" now.


Congratulations VSR2!
Finally the 60knot bottle comes out of the fridge. Anyone who has followed this project knows how much effort has gone into this result. Celebrate tonight - you have earned it.


I have been following your story for years, amazing news, congratulations!

Go my bro!!!

The Rockets ready to take off


What's the forecast for tomorrow Paul...these things come in threes...

Congratulations to the whole team brilliant work over many years...


Congratulations, so pleased for you all!!!

The tweeted updates made my first day back at work all the more bearable today, keep them coming! And bring on the outright record - tear it up guys!

Enjoy the raft,

Its no more than you

Its no more than you deserve
keep it up!


What an amazing achievement. You guys must be over the moon. Congrats. Enjoy the celebration and looking forward to seeing the actual numbers soon. When is the next wind opportunity? good luck


Hi Larso.
That's an awesome day for you and the VSR2 team and a massive hump to have overcome. Big congratulations mate.
Keep pushing bud I know you can and will downright bury the old record and set the bar higher still.
Go for it....
Will continue following with a big smile of great expectation.
Cheers Matty
('sunny' Torquay - Devon)

Great job guys!!

Hi Paul and team,
What fantastic news!

I know there's still the overall to go but it's great that Vestas Sailrocket has finally made the jump into "hyperspace"! Ok, so it's 60 knots, but hell it must feel like hyperspace..

Great job guys and I know all your supporters will be watching as avidly as I will for further news and updates today and over the next few days/weeks.. enjoy the rum!!

Good one!! :-)

Neil T
South coast UK

Too happy

Great guys, I have always trusted you were on the right path, and now you are there!
New barriers to be crushed, enjoy your triple rum, you all deserve it!!!

Fastest boat in the world

Well done mate, you deserve this for all the hard yakka you've put in. The record will be the icing on the cake.


Almost there -

I bet you can almost touch it! Hoping the conditions hold up and you get it soon - keep going, Paul & team!




I ahve been following you for a few year now and must say that today is the absolute highlight so far. More to come, I'm sure.





Commitment, science, exotic location, hard work, spectacular crashes and now this...
Can't wait to see the movie when it comes to theaters.

Congratulations all on making it a reality!


Look forward to new official outright recordS from you and vsr2


Well done - excellent news.

Just need to hold to together for that record.

Enjoy the shampoo.


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