VESTAS Sailrocket 1 on display in Sheffield...

 Hi all, just a quick one to say that with the help of one of our long term supporters EKSPAN we have brought VESTAS Sailrocket 1 all the way from the Isle of Wight up to Sheffield in the middle of England.

She is now on display in The Blue Shed right in the heart of 'Steel country' . 

If there is anyone up this way who wants to see her in the flesh then this is the time. Boats in general don't often go on display in these parts let alone the freaky ones like VSR1.

It's a real pleasure to give her a dust-off and display her to the public. 

We sure have come a long way and our ambitions are a lot loftier now but damn... this ol' girl taught us the hard lessons we needed to learn. Every scar that covers this boat represents one that VSR2 won't have to endure.

Tomorrow she should be covered with school kids with a slant towards engineering. Over 1000 are expected. Bring it on. If there's one thing I like to talk about it's speed sailing.

I love this boat. She's still glamourous.

Cheers, Paul.

p.s. The 'T' foil is officially dead. The 'strut' was just too draggy. The experience was still very valuable and we have moved on. More on this later as it is still unfolding.

Cheers, Paul.

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